Dead Parrot Sketch – Scammer Style

Ya know those emails that often start with ‘Dear Sir or Madam, I would like much to have help bringing 250,000 dollars into the U.S….” and so on… There are clever souls who scam these scammers back, as I’ve mentioned before. The following video was submitted by a couple of these scammers who believed they may receive money for their performance of Monty Python’s ‘Dead Parrot Sketch.’ The second video is the actual sketch if you grew up in a rough neighborhood and haven’t seen it yet.

More info here.

Picking from the infinite bounty of Mp3 Blogs

A new love: Mp3 blogs.

    I’m knee deep in the most pleasing symptom of digital music’s rise. Quickly check out a post on Masta Ace Inc. on SoulSides, written by Oliver Wang, a thinker with some cred for an example of what I’m sick in love with.

In short, a good Mp3 blog is run by a musical curator of sorts whose field of expertise brings his visitors coming back.

Were this an mp3 blog, it would look something like this
Santogold is hot hot shit check it blah blah blah
And then poof, here’s an example: Santogold – Shuv it (v3)  [myspace]
So it’s fun, right? now on to the experience of getting these songs on your computer:
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