Fashion Technology

The girl walked in and stood stock-still, dressed in a long, high-necked corseted Victorian gown. Then her clothes began to twitch, move, and reconfigure of their own accord. The mono-bosom top opened, the jacket retreated, the hemline started to rise, and‚Äîfinally, amazingly‚Äîthere she was, wearing a crystal-beaded flapper dress: a woman propelled through fashion history from 1895 to the twenties in the space of a minute. This was one of six incredible feats of technology and conceptual commentary at the heart of Hussein Chalayan’s show. The others also moved through decades‚Äîone from the hourglass Dior New Look to the Paco Rabanne metal-link shift.

From Atomic Sex Kitten

Reality is not there when we look away

On today…

Some physicists are uncomfortable with the idea that all individual quantum events are innately random. This is why many have proposed more complete theories, which suggest that events are at least partially governed by extra “hidden variables”. Now physicists from Austria claim to have performed an experiment that rules out a broad class of hidden-variables theories that focus on realism — giving the uneasy consequence that reality does not exist when we are not observing it (Nature 446 871).

Well that’s awkward.
And now, from a history of vedic seers:

What is fascinating about the experience of the Vedic seers is not only that they have dared to explore the outer space of being and existence, piercing the outskirts of reality, exploring the boundaries of the universe, describing being and its universal laws, but that they have also undertaken the risky and intriguing adventure of going beyond and piercing the being barrier so as to float in utter nothingness, so to speak, and discover that Nonbeing is only the outer atmosphere of Being, its protective veil. They plunge thus into a darkness enwrapped by darkness, into the Beyond from which there is no return, into that Prelude of Existence in which there is neither Being nor Nonbeing, neither God nor Gods, nor creature of any type; the traveler himself is volatilized, has disappeared.


Weng Weng – Philipino James Bond Midget

Weng Weng is a 2 foot 9 Filipino James Bond equivalent.

This is just a tribute.

From Japan Probe

“[Rumors suggest that he] began his movie career by appearing in a number of underground adult films… As far as I can see Weng Weng’s first movie part was that of the baby Moses in the 1972 Filipino biblical epic “Go Tell It On The Mountain” which also starred Joseph Estrada as the adult Moses and was the only biblical movie ever to be filmed in 3D. In fact most of Weng Weng’s early movie roles involved him either playing babies, children, small cuddly animals or strange alien beings in a number of low budget Filipino sci-fi features. In 1973 he appeared in filmmaker Pedro Manoy’s super low budget science fiction fantasy “MoonBoy From Another Planet” in which he played a lovable three foot alien who befriends a poor Filipino boy. Manoy later claimed and unsuccessfully attempted to sue Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg for ripping off the idea for “ET”.

Eventually in the late 1970’s he came to the attention of Hong Kong movie maker Raymond Jury who cast him in the role of Agent 00 in the James Bond style spoof “For Your Height Only”. The movie was a huge hit throughout the Philippines and Asia as well as countries as far apart as Iceland, Uganda, Tonga, Bolivia and Papua New Guinea. In the Philippines, Weng Weng was now a household name and he was constantly in demand for appearances on TV chat shows, shopping centre appearances and the occasional political rally. In 1990 he was awarded a special citation for services to the Filipino Film Industry from the first lady Imelda Marcos and joined her at the presentation in a special karaoke “duet” version of “My Way”. An unauthorized recording of their performance was later released on bootleg cassette and sold an incredible 200,000 copies.”

TV on the Radio

Tv on the Radio came to Vassar last Saturday. As our Alumni Association reminds its members:

An important part of maintaining healthy campus life is providing activities that balance out the intensity of studying. Inspiring lectures and provocative art exhibitions help fulfill this need. But what many students want when they need an escape from their mountains of homework is movies, live music, and other performances.

From aavc
But more to the point: I took pictures.

The show started with the Noisettes–wicked British jumpy rock band. TV was great, especially in the somewhat close feeling of the student center (upcdc). I must admit it was the first time I saw crowd surfing in a room with such a flourished ceiling.
But now I need to return to my ‘mountains’ of homework.