Peel 1.0 Released!

getpeel.comJust opened up Peel, one of my all time favorite programs out there and it’s emerged from beta into 1.0! It’s an easy to use mp3 blog downloading tool for the mac only. Here’s how you use it:

  1. Find an mp3 blog you like.
  2. Copy it’s url.
  3. Press the plus button on the blog menu.
  4. Hit ok.

Once an mp3 blog is loaded (the blog must hotlink directly to the mp3s) you are presented with a list of files that you can play, flag, or download and immediately import into iTunes.


My new favorite site is, the home of a linguistically talented comedian who gets it right every time.

Originally shown as part of the 2006 Comedy Lab Season and following it up with an alternative Christmas message on E4, Fonejacker has been described as having “the rare alchemy of a brilliantly versatile character comedian at heart, a staggering amount of superb concepts and stylish execution to make it a brash and daring brand new comedy.”

‘Steamed and Pressed’

Poppa Internet Marketer Takes Your Money

“I’m an E-Businessman.
E stands for

   I spent a while going through a terrible maze of internet marketing promotions, selling systems, auto-sites, and all that crap. I’m doing research on this awful subject because I’m looking to write an ebook, sell it, and see what happens.
   Visiting these sites is like returning to the dark ages of the internet, when “search halper toolbars” and spyware machines vied for your attention. Why am I putting myself through this? I’m putting together a product and I’m trying to find the most painless way to go about it. By drinking up on the industry now, I’ll save myself a lot of grief and work later.
   At least for some of these products that promise to teach internet marketing, the author has put in a lot of work. Across the board, the programs all all seem too proud… The blaring text and “meet the author” embedded videos tend to make me uncomfortable. You’re not a celebrity, so stop trying to be one!
   The most successful products out there tend to teach their victim how to make the most successful product out there. Of course this creates a self-supporting community of robotic iMarketing folks who promote each other’s poorly written ebooks in a $$ fest circle-jerk. The experts teach the underlings, and the underlings return the favor by promoting the product they just bought, often receiving cuts of 70% of the sale.

The Poppa

Mike helped me
make $63,493
in 32 seconds

   One of the pros of the industry is Mike Filsaime, the kind of guy who probably has Tony Robbins on his speed dial, teaches at conferences, and owns 3 dozen polo shirts. Business casual indeed. As a top dog, he makes most of money teaching little doggies how to be like him. He throws around terms like ‘autoresponders,’ ‘viral marketing’, and ‘auto-pilot’ as if the process is as simple as pie. All they must do, is buy his most recent exploration on the rapidly changing tactics and tricks of iMarketing.
   His latest is titled ‘Butterfly Marketing,‘ an epic Machiavellian text that essentially details the mechanics of what he has turned into a five million dollar business.
The whole industry is pretty shammy. It has reinvented the idea of ‘paying for knowledge.’ The words on a page have become only as valuable as the hype, testimonials, and rhetoric pushing it.
   Mike Filsaime is one of the few guys who actually leaves his castle to teach people about what he’s discovered about internet marketing. A clever dude, I guess, but he’s definitely not on my side when it comes to designing comfortable websites. They scream at you.
   He’s the kind of Business 1.0 tard who gets his photo shoot done at the mall. But if he makes more than several AFRICAN NATIONS COMBINED in cashola, he might be onto something.

How does Internet Marketing work?

   There are profitable ways to attract, maintain, persuade, guarantee, pursue, and cajole people when it comes to selling something over the internet. Typical products are “Registry Editor Cleaners,” “Super Amazing Spanish Learning Course” and the like…
    The point is always to sell something so hard that the consumer believes they’re just dumb if they don’t buy the damn thing. On the internet you can sell a poorly edited pdf file for three times what it’s worth. All you have to do is offer a 30 days satisfaction guarantee it seems. Because people don’t have enough sense to go through with the return process and get their money back, a crappy venture is always a profitable one.
   It’s an especially lubricated market because it’s very simple to send a product into a viral spiral. There’s no crowding, delivery costs, nagging store agents, or delay. If you want to buy something, you just whip out your credit card and do what the man tells you to do. If you get each person who buys your system to tell a couple friends about it, your product takes care of itself… but would you really put your friends through that?

Scary things at the LA department of Water and Power – Glad it’s not Hurricane Season

This is the video by the DWP workers, warning of a impending crisis. The power and water systems are so degraded and undermanned that Los Angeles’ reliable power and clean water are at risk. This video mixes in local news reports, interviews with workers and energy experts to warn of the tenuous situation.

Watch it and pass it around to your friends and family. Use the email to a friend button on the bottom, and/or click on menu to grab the direct link to the video within the player itself. []

Internet Marketing is for Junkies

I spend most of time in the shinyness of web 2.0. A glittery, raised text, and ajaxy valley of opportunity. I’ve got my 208 rss’d sites, and I tend to give sites with names like meebo my complete trust and adoration. But sometimes I wander into web $.7, a world of highlighted text and paypal screenshots.
Like watching an old commercial, entering the back alley where ‘information products’ are sold makes you feel like you’ve been through this pain before. This is trodden territory in web design. It sucked then, and it sucks now. Repeating backgrounds with dollar signs? “AMAZING OFFERS,” and more shitty shitty shit shit. Here’s a wee sample:

It’s a whole different world out there guys. Sadly, this must mean that the split tests have shown that the average credit card account holder prefers the arrow.gif(s) in your faceness with an extra helping of a design rhetoric that expired a long time ago. This is not where advertising has taken us. We have to go back a long time to find the types of styling in the internet marketer’s toolkit. Let’s use the wayback machine to see when looked like this: 1997

1997. Like 2,000 B.C. in Cybertime.

Strange Invalidation

I somehow posted this symbol:

Which looked like this in my editor:

And I got a massive error on my feed. Don’t know wtf.
All’s well. It seems subscribers have tripled since I started posting again. Welcome all. Aren’t you glad I fixed it?