Most Annoying Colleges

halloweenGreat article over at Gawker about the Most Annoying Liberal Arts Colleges. Luckily, my school made the list:

Vassar: “Naked parties, school-sponsored drinking, the Spin article. And I was constantly meeting people who I was later told were “the heir to the Colgate/Palmolive fortune,” or “that guy’s dad invented post-its.” Also, The Bravery went there. That’s gotta count for something.”

As of the time of this posting, Vassar is at 3rd place. I’m definitely ok with ranking less annoying than Swarthmore:

[“It should be on the Most Annoying LAC list because of how sickeningly pretentious most of the students are – in the “My family can afford the $45k per year tuition, but I choose to wear grandma clothes from Goodwill, because ironic attire means I’m interesting, right?” Those emo glasses on everyone. The smugness of kids taking first year seminars on shit like “The Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony,” which is a full semseter course. The complaining about honors theses. The sensitivity. The utter lack of preppiness. The way everyone gushes about how is was his/her (my apologies for using gender specific pronouns!) first choice, that they did NOT want to go to Yale. That they are earning “the best education money can buy.”

and Oberlin:

Their grads deliberately make THE most annoying contributions to American culture – Eric Bogosian, Bill Irwin, Julie Taymor, Kim France, Liz Phair, Ed Helms, Josh MacPhee, David Rees, Josh Ritter, and yea, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s a type.”

One thought on “Most Annoying Colleges

  1. Reed is anoying. The students do nothing but smoke pot, buy clothes from salvation army and listen to bob dylan while petitioning to save the whales that they never seen. And the whole “eco-chic” thing is taking over all of portland. ugh.


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