Back in the Saddle

Keeping on top of my favorite things is what I’m all about, and Google Reader is perfect for that.
At the time of this writing I have 343 subscriptions. Of course I don’t read every blog… and not all of them are blogs. Some of the feeds I subscribe to are bacn-like feeds of aggregates of feeds. Let me explain.

They’re not exactly ‘posts’ but they’re a aggregate of one array of information. Here’s some examples:

Popular Video Files on Delicious

I find that this feed gives me the most reliably awesome videos on a daily basis. Instead of looking for bookmarks in delicious that are tagged with video, these have been recognized as video files themselves. Because delicious tends to have a lot of techies, most of these videos are really engaging tech lecturers. Link here and feed here.

Flickr Contacts Recent Favorites

This feed, created by Yahoo Pipes, notifies me of when my friends favorite an image on Flickr. I tend to trust their judgement. You can find the pipes page here.

Digg,, Reddit, Slashdot Mashup

I hate to go to all the ‘crowd powered media’ sites but this yahoo pipes consolidates the most popular stuff in one feed for me. It guarantees me a hot dose of popular with no aftertaste. Find it here.

And now, a flyover of some beautiful landscape in Afganistan, set to a Sigur Ros song. I recommend you skip 5 minutes ahead, unless you want to see a guy meet everyone on the flight, including the Afghani pilot.

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