Serenading Gone Wrong

On Friday, September 8th Vassar held its annual serenading tradition. It’s a gentle form of hazing where seniors launch approved food items at groveling freshman while they, for the most part, sing back. It’s a harmless and joyous occasion.
A Vassar College employee (read: boxer) who belonged to neither side unfortunately got caught in the crossfire this year. While most are smart enough to steer clear of the craziness, one unlucky and impatient Vassar employee found herself trying to drive her car through a mob of singing freshman and squirting seniors. Someone launched onto her car, and she punched the guy. It was quite an event.

1. The Jump.


2. The Exit


3. The Windup


4. The aftermath (glasses knocked off)


5. The Return


6. Detail of Car (red ketchup smudge?)


7. Detail of Face


8. Slammed


So, what is Serenading all about? Our alumni association says:

From here.


Entire series in this flickr set.
Last year’s serenading photos.
Video from Last year’s event:

One thought on “Serenading Gone Wrong

  1. thanks for thinking of me and sending me this, danny. looks like general chaos, as per usual. glad to see you’re keeping it good.
    hope all is well.


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