A Post Sputnik Era Reflection

Make sure you don’t miss ‘When the Space Age Blasted Off, Pop Culture Followed‘, another article typical in this blossoming period of Cold War reflection. But it’s not the typical ‘unclassified something or other reveals that…’ type of history/pop article. This article focuses on the space race/boom as a sort of cultural and artistic grandparent whose habits and tastes have significantly influenced our architecture and artifact design. Let me help illustrate.


Do you see Kubrick’s 2001, the Swedish design school of the 80s, The Jetsons, and trillions of other cultural possessions in the above shape?


As a genuine American aesthetic, the space technology influences provide us with the heritage to design the Mac, the Ford Thunderbird, and the insides of art galleries.

From the article:.

Many cultural critics say probably the biggest impact can be seen in architecture. Especially in California and elsewhere in the West, the work of architects like John Lautner transformed the look of cities and highways with upswept winglike roofs, domes, satellite shapes and starbursts that became the dominant visual language of motels, diners and gasoline stations.

A Russian-themed Sputnik enthusiast’s video. It sounded like this on ham radios worldwide.

John Lautner, spaceman supreme.
More: Design for Disney’s Tomorrowland



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