Streaming HD will Kill the Media Cartel

nothdreadyWhat happens when internet entertainment becomes better than the stuff we pay for? When the distribution for that media is free, and when the scalability of the entire thing has no bounds?

Well we‚Äôve reached each of those moments. Take for example this barney mashup with Soulja Boy below… It only costs you your time, but it still makes you squint; though internet prices have shrunk, the size of most internet videos haven’t changed. We‚Äôre still working on technical quality, but when we get to free and slick High Definition internet video I think the whole ‚Äòmedia cartel‚Äô will shudder and freak. With portable HD cams spreading (cellphone versions approaching) we‚Äôll have no reason not to go to an internet video site for our entertainment.
Add a few more internet TV channels like Channel Frederator and material on (1938 Media comes to mind). is Akamai’s case for HD on the web. It seems they believe the world is ready (if you have a 7.5 MB connection).

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