Working with Technology

Every time we use technology, we release a bit of ourselves. Growing up with the stuff, we come to rely on the benefits of computers, phone, wool socks, and pencils. Sure they are technically ‘tools’ that we use, but as they advance beyond the understanding of the common man, they appear as magical as magnetism. We use it, but we don‚Äôt know what it is. If we begin to.

Witness the uproar over the invention of photography, as painters everywhere claimed that the machine removed art from human hands and skill. No uprising accompanied the gradual encroachment of devices that are far beyond the understanding of participants in the art of life.

I think the “do it yourself” movement can be seen as a reponse to feelings of autonomy. By creating or manipulating technology, the tech begins to ‚Äòbelong‚Äô to its user. A connection is made between the tool and the user. The technological artifact no longer affects and imposes on the user to the same degree because it has been birthed in some respect by the needs and creativity of the user.

Exhibit A: The Bike Lawn Mower


Work it in bed

Even kitties tend to battle with technology from time to time…

Happy Halloween!

Do You Believe in Ghosts

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