Coming to terms with oneself as a blog is the first step towards humanization…

     I’m worried that It’s been at least two months since I’ve posted in text-only mode. This may mean I rely too much on images or videos to do my explanatory work—or maybe something worse—that I’m too afraid to create something myself. And this brings me to my point. If I’ve learned anything from blogging these last four relaxing years (and eight months) it’s that people don’t want a regurgitation of the lastest can’t-be-missed-youtube-masterpiece or a short summary about the latest newfangled thingamajig… people want a person to speak at them loudly from the throne of the static text, delicately blending sincerity and hyperlinked omnipotence. And when I mean omnipotence, I mean a dramatic flourish of hyperlinked sourcing trickled throughout. We’re trying to stand on the shoulders of giants or something, right?

     There must be a balance: A blogger must know when something should not be linked. Outlinking to obscure ideas or objects may offend the intelligence of well informed readers—insufficient outlinking confuses the average reader (general audience) but strengthens bonds with the well informed. The snooty remain, but the newbies act like they’ve stumbled into the wrong class.

     So I guess I’m back where I started… The attractiveness of the outlink devolves into the allure of habitually embedding media. But my cursory knowledge of statistics shows that continually throwing up videos and images alienates people who have come here for stuff | like | this.

     While we’re on the subject of improving this horrible blog, let me direct you to the right sidebar. Notice I have more than 20 categories. Does this mean I’m bad at categorizing, or should I think of them as tags instead? Of course at the root of the problem is this blog has no focus. With a focus of interest, (perhaps pictures of small asian children hooked up to brain readers) I would attract only those strange types who are on a NEED TO KNOW basis on that stuff. At the moment, I’m just a little blog of things you might find slightly interesting. Stay tuned for that topic, but don’t hold your breath.

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