No Music Day – November 21st and the repercussions – Scotland

Well you probably missed it, but November 21st was ‘No Music Day‘ in Scotland. I like the idea:


It’s meant to make people appreciate music the day before St. Cecilia’s day (the patron saint of music). I highly recommend reading the comments on this whole thing I pasted below. My favorites are bolded.

I doubt this will catch on. There’s little offensive or charged about music, and there’s really no reason for it. And mostly it takes attention away from more worthy moratorium days like ‘Buy Nothing Day‘ set up by Adbusters.

Loved the news with no annoying jingles.

Artificial, pointless, depressing, irritating, nannyish, contrived, elitist, irrelevant, tedious, silly. Tuned to Real radio at the office then Radio 4 in the car after a few minutes of gibberish.Did for Radio Scotland what the petrol blockade did for petrol stations.

Duncan McVittie
Well done Radio Scotland for having the courage to do this. I thought it was a refreshing change. Wish it happened every week. Loved hearing Tom Morton’s informed, but all too brief, discussion about music without actually having to endure listening to any of his selections.

I think no music day is brill. Long live Bill Drummond… far more of a music lover than any of the narrow-minded, misguided fools making comments about luvvies, dictators and other paranoid, arrogant or boring nonsense on this here board.I’ve had a day without music and i’m pretty much ok and can’t wait to listen to some tommorow.

Will not be tuning in to Radio Scotland today.A laboured, contrived and not-even-half-baked idea. No Listeners Day next?

i think it’s been a great day, & a great way to help me value the place music has in my life & think about my relationship with it. & i’ll treasure putting on some music I love on St Cecilia’s day tomorrow.

Anait Keuchguerian
I didn’t know it was No Music Day today. But even if I had known it, I would have broken the No Music Day fast right away. Remember, the days of Prohibition are over. If people want to listen to music, LET THEM HAVE IT!!! Anait

Roy I Pearson
Why do we not have sack a prat for stupid ideas day or sack a sheep for following stupid ideas day.

Paul Rimmer
I would much prefer a no-sport day but I suspect that the probability of an autumn day [or any day!] on Radio Scotland with no mention of football is absolutely zero.

Who the hell is Bill Drummond anyway, he should stick to running his safari park. I wouldn’t say let’s have a no animal day.

we changed station in the office when we found out about no music day, we discovered Real Radio. You’ve just lost some listeners. Silly, senseless idea

Kes Smith
I welcome Radio Scotland’s “no music day” not because of the reasons Radio Scotland programmers have given but because background music is an unwanted scourge in our society. I am a music lover – who until recently sang in a chorus – so I appreciate music when I desire to hear it. However within the modern world we are all generally subject at various times and locations to background music that no one has requested and no one really wants. In this situation background music is really no more than unwanted noise. An acute example of this is where the sick are lying in a hospital ward after chemotherapy and are subject to unwanted music often when in great discomfort or pain when in fact anyone desirous of music could use an iPod rather than sharing their noise with everyone. I favour legislation in this matter – as we have done here in Scotland with anti social smoking – and warmly congratulate Radio Scotland for this marvellously sociable move today. I would encourage your listeners who are sick to the back teeth of background music to look at the web site for the campaign against piped music in public places at and to get involved through that site.

Kes Smith
Are you man or woman enough to publish a sincere but different take on “No Music Day” as I previousy sent in ?

Bstevee the Bold
Interesting idea! Listened to Tom Morton’s show as I worked at home today.If you had to endure the babble that passes itself off as commercial radio here in North America you’d understand why I enjoyed the commentary by the host, his guests and the average person on the street.More to the music than just the music.

Right on!

David Francis
Well done, Radio Scotland. I’m a musician (you even play some our stuff from time to time) and love music, but the world is drowning in it. This is a welcome chance to come up for air.

David Wilkinson
I bet the guy who is monitoring these comments before posting is having a gret giggle at the negative comments.

David Wilkinson
Who on earth had custody of the Radio Scotland corporate brain cell when they decided on this. Only Radio Scotland is supporting this. I would wonder why but it’s a no brainer really. What a load of tosh from the BBC luvvies

kay hudson
He could have more of a positive impact were he to rally for NO CONSUMER day ala No Buying Day to get folks thinking about the destructive powers of consumerism. Music is one positive in a lot of people’s lives; the only Universal Language. I don’t think we should be without it, even for a day.My lovely print of St. Cecilia agrees!:-)

No music doesn`t bother me one way or another. Any chance of a no football day???

odd concept. not sure i agree that music gets ‘worn out’. my mp3 has got over a 1000 tracks on it, set it to random and i often get a really surprising bit of personal soundtrack as i stand beside the roadway or on the pavement gray. I don’t need a day off music to “re-learn” how important it is to me, just like I don’t need to not drink for a day to realise that that’s a bludy stupid idea too. Music is part of our world, and I feel it in my deep heart’s core.

Joe T
I’d be more than happy with a No Muzak Day, if anything has devalued music it’s the irritating sound of ‘Muzak for Elevator and Shoe Shop no:1’. I love music and I will never willingly sacrifice a day to its absence from my life. No Music Day is pointless and depressing, a day without music is a wasted day.

Kate Mooney
I think it is wonderful,today at lunch time,scotland live,just news weather,travel NO silly jingles keep it up!!!!!! the less noisy rubbish the better

William Clarke
What a piece of nonsense. Do i get a rebate on my license??

liz meldrum
I wonder what St. Cecilia would have thought of that. A day wasted, no doubt!

Derek McIntyre
Good to see it happen, Bill has been plugging away at this idea for years. In essence he believes music is used up and worn out, so give it a break for a day and see if it really means that much to you?

Every day is a music day for me. What are you trying to do…act like dictators? As if things aren’t bad enough with the dictator in Downing St.

It is a great idea, but a bit hard to put into practice, I cheated a bit,although drums are nae listed in the manifesto, I used silent drumheads and cymbal dampeners, I dressed as a Dalek to spruce up the proceedings, I like doing unusual shit to make people wonder what the …. is gan on, cheers Biz.

what a load of utterly pointless nonsense this is. can anyone give me one good, or even daft, reason why i shouldn’t listen to some music today? I’ll make a point of sticking a CD on in the car on the way home.

I love the idea. It forces you to recognise the importance of music and it’s role in our lives. How we (not me though) almost take it for granted at times and the effort that goes into it’s creation. However, it’s too important to me, so I can’t go without.

Steve W
Great idea. Commerial local radio do little but play endlessly from narrow staion playlists with little programme production values filling air time between adverts and two minutes of news headlines. The BBC does not exist to play CDs in the same way. Although there are good calibre presenters in independant radio with commitment to Radio production, all of Radio Scotland’s presenters and production staff are in the premier league in there field. I like Radio Scotland’s commitment to MAKING programmes. Everyone who works there contributes to a unique regional radio service with no comparable commerial alternative, as such. Some of these contributers here should appreciate that this is the difference between real radio and music radio. Since devolution BBC Scotland seems to have found more of a purpose and confidence. There are plenty of popular choices for music on your dial. Radio Scotland should stick to the policies it has on more specialist music out presented by people who know what they are talking about. Keep up the good work all.

For the Taliban everyday was no music day. [WTF DOES THIS MEAN?]

Utter b*****ks idea. Switch to Radio 6 (btw they’re laughing at you)

How does this guy have so much influence that he can convince BBC Scotland to do this. He lives on the Isle of Jura for kris sake! It’s easy to go a day without music. Don’t listen to it! Turn it off! The BBC really is losing the plot.

Yvonne Murray
I’ve never heard of a more stupid idea.

i agree with David

Rob Harwood
What a silly idea, I am a music tutor in Grimsby and the thought of no music day fills me with dread. I think that there should be a no bad music day, leave out all the musak and only play quality music ie Jazz all day on every radio station throught the land 🙂

A brilliant idea. We consume music so much these days that we don’t take the opportunity to understand how important it is to us. Thank you Radio Scotland!

Alfred Horn
hello..Ok! was in Glasgows George Square Earlier..Suppose there’s some Numpties out there who can’t Play it Anyway due to ASBO’s!lol..

Hugh Hoffman
Why? Shouldn’t you explain your reasons? Similarly my local council have just slapped a sticker on my bin saying it won’t be emptied unless the lid is competely closed – same question? why? Does some idiot sitting in a darkened room just come up with these ideas? If there are reasons, please tell us.

A very stupid idea. Music is one of the major components of good radio. Some of the regular talk stuff on radio Scotland would be best replaced with music. Maybe we could have a no noise day next year.

Mike Dunne
With a hectic family and work life being able to get a little time to really listen to music is difficult so no music day is a big disappointment. Such arrogance! If radio Scotland thinks this low of it’s listeners I will retune my radio. Sorry Fred, I love your show but principles are involved.

What about a non speaking day? Just another stupid idea!

Sue Shone
It fits perfectly with radio and with the cold weather. If you want to hear what the mountains have to say you wouldnt be a stupid twit and sing right over the tops of it now would you? And music just repeats itself, like the news and like barking dogs. Bark bark – I’m barking right at you, you can see inside of my mouth – bark bark, again and again. Listen to no music for one day and love that you did. And be thankful that you happen to exist in a world where a radio station decides to play no music for a day – just because it can. You live in this world and this time! Now eat up and run out to play. Quietly.

r, anderson
This is the most asinine idea I have ever hear. It will make no difference to anyone, other than the nerdy nutters who thought of it. If you could stop people with I pods at full volume on public transport it would be an achievement

Jim Morrison
Sorry, I can’t live without music and there is no way I would stop listening just to take part in a stunt by an old pop star!

Norman Sharp
I don’t like ‘jingles’ etc. and I wish Radio Scotland did away with them permanently.I listen to BBC Radio 4 mostly.

**** that, let’s have the JAMs.I’m going to be listening to my now illegal copy of 1987 – What the is going on.Its an irony which I think King Boy D and Rockman Rock will approve. 😉

Radio Scotalnd is fast becoming a twee-centric, misled, and pointless venture. What a waste of license fees. And all for appreciation of a snotty, egotistic, arty and wealthy musician. Not happy.

T. Charles, New Jersey
I think No Music Day is difficult. Seven minutes into my third year at it and already I’m missing all that music brings. That said, it feels like a necessary purge and on past No Music Days, it’s given me some healthy perspective on music and a vague glimpse of what I want from it.

If the purpose of NO MUSIC DAY is to subject the world to abrupt silence, prompt people to wonder what music might evolve into had it not already existed until today, without any previous influences (as Bill Drummond suggested somewhere in some article I cannot recall the title of right now)…let it stop …and begin again. Like the big break in the big orchestra, I think it’s a building moment!Go ahead , stop the music! =)

Chris Guthrie
hmmm..I’m not convinced. If your a music lover then fasting for music really isnt going to make you appreciate it any more. You’re either into music or your not.Fasting from Iron Maiden and Anthrax isnt going to make me even more of a fan. Also, if you’re any kind of a music fan, you shouldnt let some “where are they now” musician dictate wether you should or should not listen to music. I’m sure he wouldn’t advocate this during the days of the KLF. After all, listeners=money=paycheck!

I dig it. Although I must admit, it will probably be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Cheers!

The Kaiser Chiefs sing (acompanied by some pretty decent music in my opinion) “everything is going down the pan” – the bbc really is with this mince. Roll on St. Cecillia’s day. By then I’ll probably be listening t0 a commercial station.You really have forgotten your public service remit in your arrogance.

Tom Byrne
Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart.

Hugues Guerrault
Superb ! Go for it ! Have a great No Music Day tomorrow ! Pays real tribute to the importance of music and will definitely be a pain to all commercial and piped music !My own choice for the return to music at midnight? Sandy Denny with Fairport Convention singing ” Fotheringay” Yes, ” these tiny islands for the lonely..” Hugues, in Brittany, France

Gaun yersel, Shell. I am with you.

As usual, Mr Drummond evokes controversy with his ‘art’. Genius or bonkers? You decide. It’s the former for me. As an earlier poster pointed out, surely a ‘fast’ if you like, will make us appreciate music just a little bit more on the 22nd?…

Stewart Morrison
I think a day of no music is the only way we can really contemplate what music gives us. A bit of time to reflect and appreciate the spaces in our lives which music fills. It will also allow us to hear the music of the noise of life…. birds, coos, sheep, cars….

Stu Higginson
An excellent idea. In a world, constantly surrounded by music, it’s all too easy to take it for granted. A self-enforced “fast” can only make the appreciation greater. Plus the fact, as Bill Drummond is, in fact, the greatest musical genius/biggest unhanged scoundrel in the UK then the idea must have merit…

G Thumbs
I’m very pleased to see that you are backing No Music Day. We have something special here in Scotland, something that the music marketing machine can’t touch, understand or dilute.

The BBC should not fund or support pointless events like this. How can a tiny group of people dictate how the BBC programmes for a day? This is a fee funded service and it’s very unfair to dictate programming like this. Is it just a bit of fun? Does it have a point? Seems not… as the web site says, “we have nothing to sell”. It appears it has nothing to say either.Music is an important integral part of our society; how people interact with music is up to them and should not be dictated by any group, especially not the beeb.Find something more practical to support. How about a national MUSIC day, supported by the BBC? (Maybe there is one?)

Jamie Marshall
Great, if only you could get department stores to buy into it, I’d do all my Christmas shopping then.

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