Baja photos, animals, and Pringles¿

A funny thing happened on the way to La Paz. A swarm of vultures found a poor defenseless dead thing on the side of the road:
Larger version here
In fact, there were dead animals on the street, underfeet, through the door, and in the store. Took some getting used to:
But it wasn’t all death. My sister got pringlewhelmed
Also mastered birdmindcontrol

Recommendables for the final day of 2007…

I scoured my Google Reader shared items for things I want to share.

Last statements of death row inmates in Texas (via cynical-c).
Don Hicks writes

Hey, how y’all doing out there? I done lost my voice. Y’all be strong now, alright? Don, thanks man. I love you, Gloria, always baby. That’s all I got to say. Hey, don’t y’all worry about me, okay? [link]


Check out Italy’s most influential blogger, Beppe Grillo. His blog reads like a Washington Post poli/expose’ (and he chilled with the Dalai Llama)


An artistic exploration of Fictional Radio Spaces — coming to terms with the unseeable frequencies surrounding us…
Clips from “The Mystery of Life” (1967) – a show addressing genetics, eugenics, and the future.
Stache and Beard world championships (via tiff)
Plans unveiled for the A380 ‘flying VIP palace‘ for billionaires. (already has a buyer)
It’s not your daddy’s 747 [via things magazine]:
From here

Closing with a sad story…

Visual visual nonstop forever

Being away from the internet, TV, and even electricity for a week in Cabo Pulmo, Baja (pictures) I’ve come back to two things I missed most. Funk Music (mixtape) and my addiction to imagestream design blogs. Sites like Ffffound, Malfunc[tion], and Resoulution keep me comfortably attuned to the viz/aesthetic zeitgeist better than any aggregator out there. These sites are like little communities of communicating and creating people (designers/photographers), and they remind me of the old styles and techniques that have become appropriated and transformed long after their decades pass. Here’s some oldies that will forever be goodies:



But what was once ugly does not necessarily age well. As the door closes on an age of design (let’s say U.S. 1984) the new age looks back with disgust. The elements of style that rise again have something essential to them–a temporal universality that’s hard to come to terms with. Who decides what color schemes and trashy expressions of zig-zaggy 80sness return? (see: MIA – Paper Planes)
Looking at what international design has distilled from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s…. no patterns come immediately to mind. But maintaining an awareness of why 1950s soviet posters and the wealth of images in Ffffound (like this one) still find mass appeal gets us closer to touching the illusive dream: perfect design and better communication/info processing a la Edward Tufte)

Because all design is about looking back, and picking up the good pieces for today


Tip to Things Magazine.

Holy Mountain

holy surrealism i’m seeing this tonight: The Holy Mountain (1973)

After being placed on a cross by children and then saved by a legless dwarf, a man wanders through Mexico City where he becomes regarded as a messianic figure. Eventually he passes through a giant chimney into the realm of an alchemist. The alchemist gives the man mystical instruction and then introduces him to eight others from various walks of life. The alchemist tells them of the holy mountain where nine men who have discovered immortality secretly rule the world. It is the alchemist’s intention that he and his recruits will kill the nine masters and take their place. And so they set out on a journey to the mountain, during which they must undergo mystical understanding in order to complete the task. [moria]

Back in LA – Time for Tacos

The Taco Truck Calls Me

Filled with pictures and tales of amazing tacos in LA county, The Taco Hunt has always called to me across hill and dale during lonely (taco-less) seasons I spend on the east coast. But now I can make use of the great compendium of Taco knowledge, especially the 2 year anniversary post here.

The author ‘Bandini’ also has many photos on his Flickr account.

I’m a big Fan of the airbrush art on the sides of Taco Trucks. This photo by Matt Logelin gets it right.

In more Food Related news, the 30 Days of Spam internet superhero made it. Read his internet serial of Spam concoctions over the spam of what looks like a beautiful month.
photo by santos