Video Picks for December: Robot High School | Lollipop| Mechaheart

Maybe I’ll do this every month.


Videos galore after the jump…

1: Robot High school

     ‘Robot High School’ is song/visual/electronic performance by Howard Robot, a NY dude with the wild colorful sense of a meth addict/artist from the West Village circa 1970. In a word, his work is intense. Below you’ll find the visual stimulus to get you through the holiday season.
(INFO HERE HQ video here.)

Howard Robot – ‘Robot High School’

‘My Robot Friend’ Interview


2: Mika “Lollipop” directed by Bonzom

In the ‘holy crap’ department, may I direct your attention to ‘Lollipop.’ The song may be annoying (perhaps play something else over it) but the visuals are stellar.

3: Mechaheart

Techno-symbolic dreamscapes served up with ultramodern techno fanatacism.
Info here. (HQ video here)

For more hot music videos, check out Antcast’s November Favs.

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