Takashi Murakami at MOCA Geffen in Los Angeles – MURAKAMI

Warning: Some images below are not children friendly/Not safe for work/ include simulated ejaculations. Read on…


The most comprehensive exhibit of Takashi Murakami is a must-see in Los Angeles. Prints, Massive Statues, videos. (Online Exhibition Info).

Here’s some highlights. These photos were not taken by me:


Murakami says much of his work is autobiographical. Inochi, then, would be representative of his awkward school days as a quasi-cyborg alien-type thing coming to terms with his Japanese schoolboy identity. (full scale body model here) A group of kids were watching this video and it took a few clips for their parents to realize it was not right for the kiddies:

Collaboration with Kanye West

A music video for ‘Good Morning’ by Kanye West played in a nice screening room. (video here) A Kaiki Kiki short film about watermelons fertilized by their own poop also played (trailer here and official Kaiki Kiki site here).

My Favorite Print

He’s a pop art / Edo period Japan, character developer mixmash MACHINE!
Photograph by Papermakes Planes.

The most incredible pieces are in the lobby

They’re also the most controversial (flickr set here):

The prints were crystal clear and mesmerizing


His most Recent work {Oval Buddha} – Platinum leaf and aluminum…



All in all, the show is fabulous. I was so pleased that everyone brought their kids to enjoy the shapes and colors. Art that aesthetically wows children and the elders is something really special. I’ve been a fan of Murakami since I heard of him 5 years ago. From the looks of his upcoming live action film (I forget the name) he’s adding the divine art of film to his expansive repertoire. But I’m not crazy about the trailer. Half of it was a little Japanese girl rubbing red dye out of hair.


For more info on Murakami, visit Artsy.


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