Best of 2007 – And I still don’t know what Moneydick truly means

By a large margin, my article on the emo creature is the most popular this year, with over 50,000 hits. Second place goes to an ancient article titled ‘A scientific Approach to Myspace’s Failure.’

For some reason, most visitors to my site are based in London and Tokyo. I’m sorry if I’ve neglected any American English speakers.

It wasn’t the most exciting year for Moneydick, but here are some potent notables that received a lot of traffic and should be remembered.

The Senica Tale – A Geo Mystery: A digital novel in Google Earth I uncovered.
Serenading Gone Wrong – The Photo evidence of an unfortunate event during a traditional food fight at Vassar.
Tim and The Great Beyond – The Last in an interview series with a magical man.
Facebook Code Comments – It must have been embarassing for FB when this got out… This article was linked to by the Financial Times London.
Video Picks for December – some amazing videos that few people seem to know about. Especially Robot High School.
Nanotechnology as a Subgenre of Science Fiction – A quick post about where I’m going with my senior Science Technology and Society thesis at Vassar.

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