The Smoking Gun Update

I really like the sparseness of the emails I receive from The Smoking gun. It’s like an e-tabloid of strange truths:

An Oregon woman’s blood alcohol content was measured at a mind-boggling .72—nine times the state limit—after her recent drunk driving arrest. Police found Terri Comer unconscious at the wheel of her Toyota, which was running and in a snow bank, not far from a traffic sign reminding motorists not to drink and drive. Story, mug shot, police photos here:

When Bill and Hillary Clinton vacationed at a ritzy Caribbean resort in 2006, hotel staffers received memos detailing the couple’s dietary and lodging requirements. Read the Clinton tour rider here:

An autopsy report shows that rapper Kanye West‚Äôs mother died last year of a “cardiac event” that may have been triggered by complications from plastic surgery. Read the report here:

Despite being found guilty of a “Condition 69” probation violation, Debra Lafave, the boy-loving former Florida middle school teacher, escaped yesterday with a slap on the wrist:

Speaking of wayward female educators:

Vexed by soggy cookies and cakes, a trio of inmates is suing an Illinois sheriff for $2 million, claiming their rights have been violated by the provision of lousy baked goods. Which, if memory serves, is exactly what led to the Attica uprising:

Look for our end-of-the-week mug shot roundup later today. Until then, enjoy last week’s offering of 15 entertaining booking photos:


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