Graphic Designs for 2016 Olympic Bid

Get Pumped for 2016 bidding! 145 days till bid candidates are chosen! (Aug 8th, 2008)

Baku, Chicago, Doha (QAT), Madrid, Prague, Rio, and Tokyo’s Olympic bid symbols can be found below. I think we can safely say it’s a competition between Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo, and Rio.








Lifted from here:

Former Potential 2016 Bid Cities (were in planning stages):

Argentina (Announced Argentina’s Vice President on May 28, 2006)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (According to March 1, 2004 Report)
Hamburg or Berlin, Germany (According to February 17, 2004 Mayor’s Announcement)

Kenya ( Reports January 12, 2005)
Netherlands (Reported May 20, 2006)
Portugal ( Reports January 7, 2004)
Thailand (According to September 15, 2004 Report)

Cancelled 2016 Bid Cities:

Baltimore, USA
Brussels or Flanders, Belgium (Prime Minister announced September 17, 2003)
Fukuoka, Japan
India ( Reports April 23, 2007)

Los Angeles, USA (Eliminated by USOC April 14, 2007)
Monterrey, Mexico
Moscow, Russia (After 2012 loss, opted out for 2016)
Sapporo, Japan (Report February 18, 2006)
San Francisco, USA (November 13, 2006)

San Diego USA, Tijuana Mexico
Houston and Philadelphia, USA Missed USOC shortlist

Potential 2020 Bid Cities:

Budapest, Hungary (June 28, 2007 Report)
Busan, South Korea (Busan’s Mayor announced on November 14, 2005)

Cape Town, South Africa (April 9, 2003 Report)
Copenhagen, Denmark (March 7, 2006 Report)
Delhi, India ( Reports April 28, 2007)
Mexico (Reported May 20, 2006)

Milan, Italy ( Reports June 18, 2006)
Rome, Italy Pushed potential 2016 bid to 2020 after Sochi 2014 win.
St. Paul/Minneapolis, USA (According to March 21, 2006 Report)
St. Petersburg, Russia (July 11, 2007 Report)

Taiwan (January 29, 2007 Report)

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