Cockmaster Resurrected

Here’s an impressive collection of gregorian chants recorded in 2003 with a Fisher Price Tuff Stuff recorder.

Cockmaster Album


Album: Cockmaster
Artist: The Kings of Rock
Label: Moneydick Productions
Performances by: Kitaro, Carl, Andrew, Amos, Stryder

ENTIRE ALBUM ZIP FILE!! 73 megabyties!
1. Intro/Cockmaster
2. Together at last
3. Time is a tree (Jesus Song)
4. Rick James basketball Junkies
5. Mac & Cheese
6. Feast Upon my Meat (Vegan Song)
7. Alex Mack
8. Glory of the South
9. A Million to Eli
10. From Auschwitz with Love (Mark Song)
11. Ska!
12. Ishmael, my love for you grows…
13. Tuesday is Fuck Day
14. (Too many Bitches) Not Enough Hoes
15. Paris
16. Gypsy Nights

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