Barack Obamania – Internet Interpretations

‘Advertising’ that covers non-political aspects of presidential candidates–and focus on more ridiculous ideas and personal matters spread faster across the internet than any health care stance or what-have-you. As the language of politics simplifies, we hold onto and viralize the simple things. What does it say about us? Here’s some examples:


Obama (did personal thing for you…)

A humanizing and simple approach to bringing the untouchable mania of Obama into our lives.

Yes I can – The Tyra Remix

A spoof of ‘Yes we can’ Obama celebfest video. The original video only has the black and white allure of stars we’ve come to know… this spoof comes back at that idea with Tyra’s inane show: a show that’s featured Clinton, Obama, and Huckabee. Each show brought the candidates down to ground level, because what else can you talk about with Tyra but how to sit on a fucking toilet:

And don’t forget Viva Obama

The context in which this video is referenced on political blogs is usually terrible.

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