Facade Tomfoolery (Game Review)

this is a game review. 0 of 10 stars. Thumbs down.
Facade is without a doubt the greatest waste of time. Play it if you must, but try not to think how long it took to make the game–that’ll just make you depressed.

This post is second in a series relating to my video game class. Coming soon, our unit on Second Life. Screenshots galore! (thanks to skitch).

I took screenshots because I WANTED TO REMEMBER THE JOY

But those pants got me through the game, even though she was a total jerk the whole time.

One thought on “Facade Tomfoolery (Game Review)

  1. 1. Hah! What game is this!! It looks terrifying! I must try it.

    2. Nice redesign! I am loving the gradient del.icio.us tags. I have to admit though, I do miss ye olde Moneydick logo


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