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But today I forgot my eyewear

New Course at Vassar: The Societal Implications of Emergent Nanotechnology

New Course at Vassar:
STS 254-1 Molecular Coordinates: The Societal Implications of Emergent Nanotechnology
This course is designed to enable you to analyze dynamics and relationships germane to the domestic arenas of emergent nanotechnological research and development from approximately 1980-2006, and, in turn, the enmeshed ethical, societal, legal, martial, political and imaginary implications they suggest.   Our course will place a particular emphasis on tracking the traffic of science fictional concepts and discourses in the formation of nanotechnology, its public perception to date and possible future significance.  Mr. Bennett

My thesis focuses on these themes in the context of Gray Goo,   and I’m very excited that Vassar is starting a nanotechnology course!  

Dr. Bennett gave a presentation on nanotechnology as an ‘adolescent technology’ a couple weeks ago to members of the Science, Technology, and Society department. Though I’ve spent the past several months studying nanotechnology in social terms, he had new broad perspectives on the field.

If you can, take this course. Bennett is personally familiar with Eric Drexler who coined the word ‘nanotechnology’ in the English language. It’s hard to find someone who has as broad an understanding of the issues in nanotechnology as Bennett. He may be that source of nanowisdom Vassar will benefit from.

This is a test on my…

This is a test on my phone, I’m using Jott which is a sort of voice to text service you can use straight from your cell phone. I will try to test it for accuracy and if it actually works I will be very impressed and we can all give a round of applause to Jott. Thanks, bye. listen

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Flickr now has the videossss

mount fuji from the shinkansen

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Flickr just enabled video on their site…

At least the early adopters seem to use this new power to show off cinematic skills in the <90 second range.

But it makes flickr a mishmash site–not a photo place. We’re gonna have responses to photographs in video form posted in comments, groups devoted to videos of people kids, and quick twitter-like uses of the ‘movie’ setting on cheap digital cameras no one seems to understand. I can’t wait for those sideways videos where the person behind the camera tries to take a video in ‘portrait mode’—but it won’t be all that bad. I’m going to try to just ignore it.

ya know, like I do with things I don’t like.

Donations from Lobbyists to Obama returned

Want to share a blog post over at Dailykos regarding a returned contribution to the Obama campaign.

I just had the strangest experience. A presidential candidate gave me back my donation, told me would not accept it because of what I do for a living, and it left me more committeed to the candidate and conviced that he is the person that must be the next president.

I went to the mailbox and found a letter from the Obama Campaign. Enclosed was a check for $100, the return of my contribution from earlier this month along with a letter explaining why it would not be accepted.

Here is the letter he received:


On the less mature front: