This is a test on my…

This is a test on my phone, I’m using Jott which is a sort of voice to text service you can use straight from your cell phone. I will try to test it for accuracy and if it actually works I will be very impressed and we can all give a round of applause to Jott. Thanks, bye. listen

Powered by Jott

3 thoughts on “This is a test on my…

  1. Another option is Mobivox’s “Send Message.” With “Send Message” you can send emails or an sms that you dictate. To use the service you need to register as a user (which is free) and add contacts (which is super easy). Mobivox also lets you send your first five messages free. It works really well for me, especially when I’m driving. I’ve included the hyperlink to Mobivox’s product page (


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