25 Obama Songs for you and me

After hearing about a couple Obama songs out there, I thought I would try to track them all down. Here’s a curated collection of the best. I understand this blog is becoming mostly political, but hey… it’s a sign of the times.

We begin with my favorite:

Cocoa Tea – Barack Obama (mp3)

“It is not Hillary Clinton. … It is not John McCain. … It is not Chuck Norris, and I know it is not John Wayne. … It is the new trend setter, Barack Obama!”

The holy grail of Imeem had so many Obama songs I saw stars:

On “racky obama rap” 5th flor features & friends quips: “Makin’ ladies pants suits a thing of the past”…. and “you got a tie on with tube socks… uniting the haters.”
Obama – Ricky Fermin starts: “Obamify… obamacize…” “Want a black man but not too black.”

Obama – Extra Golden: Sounds Kinda like a Phish-descendent jam band. Except it’s in Kenyan (Ki Swahili, I think). Info on the band here: http://www.thrilljockey.com/artists/?id=10129

Temperamento – Obama New Day: Chrorus in English, but rap in Spanish. posted March, 08. Some English beginning at 2 minutes. Topic is immigrant rights.
“We all here cause someone cared, now the gov wants to get us scared. There’s no hope son, if we don’t vote son.”

Kidz in the Hall – Work to do (Obama Version): old school aura to it. I like. ”

PearleHandle – I am Freedom (a prayer for Obama) – meager piano with a solo woman singer (too much echo applied).

Blakk Rasta – Barack Obama Crunk: Too slow for crunk, but nice beat (perhaps from Ghana as the album reads Barack Obama Ghana CDR). Sounds like a condemnation of a black man’s participation in a world that has legalized abortion.  “Watch out Barack

Capleton – People want change (roots high power): His shows have been cancelled before for anti-gay lyrics, but there’s only talk of a certain obama-man in these. http://media.www.theorion.com/media/storage/paper889/news/2004/10/06/Entertainment/Dancehall.Music.Silenced-1506515.shtml I’m terrible at understanding lyrics, especially jamaican dancehall.

And some videos…

Mighty Sparrow – Barack the Magnificent (lyrics)

Viva Obama 2008

via: Obama inspired songs popping up across the Caribbean

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