Type is Art – Interactive type element machine

'Winston Visits the Stool'
'Winston Visits the Stool'

Type is art‘ lets you arrange parts of a serif typeface (Stern, released by the type foundry p22) into whatever shapes you choose. The above image was made by resizing and moving these shapes:

I’ve always liked ingenious uses for interactive flash programs–I’m still waiting for a flash version of ‘Crayon Physics Deluxe‘ to hit the net. But Type is Art is a philanthropic typographer’s dream: give the masses a way to get a feel for the typeface elements and perhaps if you learn them good, it will earn the typographers more respect in the designosphere. It’s a hell of a lot easier than putting out a documentary.

One thought on “Type is Art – Interactive type element machine

  1. You Can Hold Down The Space Key And Use The Arrow Keys To Move All Forms At The Same Time. Option And Command Keys + Arrow Keys Lets You Move/Rotate Individual Forms As Well. Neat!


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