The Greatest Show on Earth – Ringside seats for the best documented election yet…

A July 27th op-ed by Frank Rich re: Obamamania and Mccain sleepiness is a must read…

It’s a sad testament to the political process in the U.S. that I anticipate the November general election like I anticipate the release of a film. Anyone with enough time on their hands to read a paragraph a day should be aware of the shit show in which John McCain performs and the diva frenzy that surrounds Obama. This really is the greatest show on earth any way you look at it: There’s nothing more serious or humorous as the idea and execution of a presidential race. I think we can safely refer to Douglas Adams for some wisdom.

“Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”

And now for some dreamy Op-Ed food from the NYtimes.

While drama-queen commentators on television last week were busy building up false suspense about the Obama trip — will he make a world-class gaffe? will he have too large an audience in Germany? — few focused on the alarms that Mr. McCain’s behavior at home raise about his fitness to be president.

Once again the candidate was making factual errors about the only subject he cares about, imagining an Iraq-Pakistan border and garbling the chronology of the Anbar Awakening. Once again he displayed a tantrum-prone temperament ill-suited to a high-pressure 21st-century presidency. His grim-faced crusade to brand his opponent as a traitor who wants to “lose a war” isn’t even a competent impersonation of Joe McCarthy. Mr. McCain comes off instead like the ineffectual Mr. Wilson, the retired neighbor perpetually busting a gasket at the antics of pesky little Dennis the Menace.

The week’s most revealing incident occurred on Wednesday when the new, supposedly improved McCain campaign management finalized its grand plan to counter Mr. Obama’s Berlin speech with a “Mission Accomplished”-like helicopter landing on an oil rig off Louisiana’s coast. The announcement was posted on even as any American with a television could see that Hurricane Dolly was imminent.

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