Tonight I met a U.S. navy submarine mechanic who was on the submarine (Los Angeles class) that fired the first tomahawk missiles on Iraq on the first day of the invasion on March 19, 2003. He danced at an 80s night in Century City. 

I met a med school student who tried to convince me to take Xanax. He swaggered and had trouble speaking while trying to convince me that people from Los Angeles were plastic but that people in Boston were ‘genuine.’ 

I heard a story about a group of guys who were handcuffed and told to stand against a wall while 5 cops tried to look up the law code for ‘open container.’ Those who overheard had their own police stories. 

If you ever want to develop an unhealthy bias against cops, search for ‘police brutality’ on youtube. But I recommend against it. When I learned that tasers were classified as ‘less lethal’ weapons, I didn’t find “don’t tase me bro” funny.

One thought on “Tonight

  1. There are two sides to every story…I think police get out of line occassionally just like people in every walk of life…but when you see a cop pull someone over and the walk up with their hand on their gun it is because many who have gone before them walked up on a loaded gun and then ate some lead…I couldn’t do their job but I am glad that someone does it…because we need safety to have freedom. Michael Douglas Carlin – Century City News


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