Centered Landscapes

I’ve found that in my attempts at landscape photography I sometimes try too hard to center, or find symmetry in, whatever I hope to capture. But this habit I’ve noticed corresponds to one of my goals for photography: I love to reduce the elements (distractions) in every image. 

I’ve collected a few of these centered landscapes below, though there are more in this set. The last photo is my tribute to Andreas Gursky taken in a grocery store in southern Baja (starring my sis).

beachside by you.

baja sky, Cabo Pulmo, B.S.C. mexico by you.Mt. range in central baja by you.

tree malibu by you.Power Lines by you.

cabo pumo tides by you.god save pringle mountain by you.

Spam email: “Monsieur Pontmercy, love my darling child well”

Please excuse the lack of posts, but my laptop was pilfered and I’m without keyboards or hope. For now, I’d like to share with you a recent email:

It’s not often that you get an email as personal as this…

This post is one in a long series of nonsense spam-o-matic spam emails: nonsense that sells nothing.