Sarah Palin plays the role of Eliza Doolittle; Sequestered for some Ideological Cramming

Since Palin’s VP acceptance speech, she has been tutored by McCain’s assistants and handlers on the topic of the wide world beyond Alaska.  Teaching her how to think like a 72 year old POW enthusiast is a monumental task. As you read this, the poor lady is likely going through a sort of My Fair Lady exercise in ideological cramming. 

— “The bombs in Iraq fall mainly in the north”

It’s like cramming for the LSAT in two weeks, except in this case, the LSAT is “the entirety of foreign and domestic United States policy,” which has nothing to do with The Law. (Wonkette)

But what if she rebels? What if upon considering the fate of the nation under McCain she is allowed ten minutes of bedtime youtube exploration. Say she watches a Cindy Sheehan video, or perhaps stumbles upon McCain’s faithfully documented failures. Would she run away? Return to Wasilla? 

Perhaps the tutoring will turn her into a Republican dream machine….

In short, Palin’s ideological carburetor needs an overhaul. It’s a big job, and she has a long way to go before she’ll be allowed to form an original sound from her monumentally ignorant mouth. The 1964 film My Fair Lady inspired me:

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