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Obama in Columbia, Missouri
Obama in Columbia, Missouri via Reuters Blog
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Tina Brown’s ‘The Daily Beast’ to launch soon


Tina Brown’s online adventure ‘The Daily Beast‘ — should be launching real real soon. Up until the first of October, thedailybeast.com was just a different beast plastic figurine each day. Now, we see they’ve put up a logo. Are ya pumped?

IAC (the folks who own Ask.com, match.com and a couple other words.com) is responsible. All we know is it will be hitting the net ‘this fall.’

What do I know about it? Some details that were told to me in confidence… but I can refer to the public record: the site hopes to be the busy professional’s source for news. It will be both an aggregator for top content and a hub for news. If my memory serves me well, the site will depend mostly on their New York headquarters, but also on San Francisco and DC branch offices responsible for some of its own content. But I’ve also heard the site does not hope to be ideologically bent: it will leave that jabber to the Huffpost. Personally, I’m excited to see their treatment of photojournalism and the experiments they try out in the well trodden arena of news aggregators. Their success will only come from a lot of hard work, and a great deal of effort to learn their audience.

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