Liveblogging the VP debates…

902: Here we go…

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Biden’s first attack regarding McCain’s flip flops on the first day of econ crisis is met with pretty feisty talking points from palin.

9:09: I think american’s are craving something new and different. *giggle* – Palin

9:10: Joe six pack: “we need to say never again will we be exploited again” … “demand strict oversight” blah blah blah.

“We need to take personal approaches to managing credit.” says palin.

Biden responds with Obama’s prophesy of the sub-prime problem.

Palin is telling stories. Biden is talking politics.

9:14: Biden is rocking now. Talking voting history.

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Biden seems very calm, speaking well like he’s been doing this a while.

9:18: 5,000 for health care, ability to cross state lines for care are her ‘details’

9:19: 95% of small businesses would not be required to pay more for taxes says Biden. McCain points out some particulars of where the tax credit for healthcare comes from. 20 million will be dropped from health insurance. “The ultimate bridge to nowhere” !!!!!

9:21: Lotsa mention of Exxon Mobil tax credits from Biden.

9:23 wtt gonna make shure the people of the alaska are gnn come frrst

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