Woot Spiders Team hacked me

I’m so proud of the hackers who recently tried to take down my site. This has been the 4th attack. Now I’ve been hacked by Russians, Saudi-Arabians, and Brazilians.

For this special attack I’d like to give a shout out to team VBspider ( I think that stands for Visual Basic Spider). They have Spider man on their homepage and they intimidate my digital soul.

Their site is AWESOME, and was designed by Watan, whose Arabic-language blog can be read here. Below you’ll find what they changed my home page to. It’s really cool, and like scary, but in a mature way because there’s a skeleton giving me the finger. The comic sans is also a really really rad font in that confusing sort of feeling you get when you’re entering Disneyland. Here’s a link to their hella rad site.

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Thinking about Photos

I’m overwhelmed with a lot of aspects of New York. But when I think of what I want to photograph, it’s hard to think about what I wanna capture. After spending 21 days as a real resident of Brooklyn, NY, I definitely could see more to get that “critical distance” to finally start taking meaningful photos. And by meaningful, I mean important to me as a moment in time, shown in a way that may survive as a compelling image-memory of that moment.

Because I went to school nearby, had internships in the city, and traveled with my family to NY over the years, I’ve had a lot of outsider experience with the city. Having a key to open my own door, however, is a new thing.

There’s some images near where I work and live that I’d like to photograph, but It’s far too cold now so I’m gonna look back at past photo times while I wonder if my friend at Citibank (read this) will get fired.

Here’s some I’d like to share:

spinna flame by you.

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Seven hundred and sixty seven dogs appear in my emails since 2003

It’s true. Tonight in a conversation with my esteemed colleague Cody who runs the fabulous misadventureblog ‘Thermos H. Christ‘ we found discussing dogs, and soon found ourselves searching our gmail for the term: dog OR dogs. We wanted answers.

Dog or Dogs, the word we use in English to describe the pet or animal that sometimes appears in conversations like he was begging like a dog or I stepped in dog shit makes an appearance in my emails a total of 767 times since 2003.

That’s 2.49 dogs a day:

If I used the search query:dog OR dogs OR puppy OR puppies OR poodle OR hound OR hounds OR poodles it became more clear I had a dog problem:


Here’s a funny idea: tag your photos on flickr with: dogordogs (like this one) and I’ll bet I have more dogs in my damn inbox than any e-commerce dog catcher gmail early adopter ever will. 851. BEAT IT.

Bailout Details: How much to Whom…

Via Probublica we see how much is being given to whom for the bailout. Number are in millions.

Associated Bank-Corp 11/06/08 details $530
BB&T 10/27/08 details $3,100
Bank of America (incl. Merrill Lynch) 10/14/08 details $25,000
Bank of Commerce 11/13/08 details $17
Bank of New York Mellon 10/14/08 details $3,000
Banner Corp 11/04/08 details $124
Capital One 10/27/08 details $3,550
Capital Pacific Bancorp 11/06/08 details $4
Cascade Financial Corp 11/03/08 details $39
Citigroup 10/14/08 details $25,000
Citizens Republic Bancorp 11/14/08 details $300
City National 10/27/08 details $395
Columbia Banking System 11/04/08 details $77
Comerica 10/27/08 details $2,250
Fifth Third 10/27/08 details $3,450
First Community Bancshares 10/30/08 details $43
First Financial 10/31/08 details $80
First Horizon National 10/24/08 details $866
First Midwest Bancorp 11/10/08 details $193
First Niagara 10/27/08 details $186
First PacTrust Bank 11/12/08 details $19.3
FirstMerit Corp 11/13/08 details $248
Goldman Sachs 10/14/08 details $10,000
Heritage Commerce Corp 11/05/08 details $40
Heritage Financial 11/04/08 details $24
Home Federal Financial 10/27/08 details $25
Huntington Bancshares 10/27/08 details $1,400
Intermountain Community Bancorp 11/7/08 details $27
JP Morgan Chase 10/14/08 details $25,000
KeyCorp 10/27/08 details $2,500
Marshall & Ilsley 10/28/08 details $1,715
Midwest Banc 11/07/08 details $86
Morgan Stanley 10/14/08 details $10,000
Northern Trust 10/27/08 details $1,500
Old National Bancorp 10/27/08 details $150
PNC 10/24/08 details $7,700
Pacific Capital Bancorp 11/06/08 details $188
Peoples Bancorp 11/13/08 details $39
Porter Bancorp 11/12/08 details $39
Provident Bankshares 10/27/08 details $???
Redding Bank 10/27/08 details $17
Regions Financial 10/24/08 details $3,500
Saigon National 10/27/08 details $1.2
Simmons First National 10/30/08 details $40
State Street 10/14/08 details $2,000
SunTrust 10/27/08 details $3,500
TCF Financial 11/03/08 details $361
Taylor Capital 11/12/08 details $105
Trustmark Corp 11/06/08 details $215
U.S. Bancorp 11/03/08 details $6,600
UCBH Holdings 10/27/08 details $298
Umpqua 10/28/08 details $214
Valley National 10/24/08 details $330
Washington Federal 10/27/08 details $200
Webster Financial 11/07/08 details $400
Wells Fargo 10/14/08 details $25,000
Western Alliance Bancorporation 11/13/08 details $140
Zions Bancorp 10/28/08 details $1,400

Google Flu Trends: The Geolocation of Illness

Hypochondriacs rejoice! Google has released ‘Google Flu Trends,’ a service that tracks search queries involving the term ‘flu.’ It is an extension of the ‘trends‘ service that actually anticipates each state’s flu search frenzy, a methodology that doesn’t actually display the # of victims, but the eagerness to examine the term.

The system therefore will be of use to pharmaceutical advertisers not just to anticipate a ‘season,’ but to examine their dollar effect on the people, or the American as analyzed by the Google zeitgeist.