Seven hundred and sixty seven dogs appear in my emails since 2003

It’s true. Tonight in a conversation with my esteemed colleague Cody who runs the fabulous misadventureblog ‘Thermos H. Christ‘ we found discussing dogs, and soon found ourselves searching our gmail for the term: dog OR dogs. We wanted answers.

Dog or Dogs, the word we use in English to describe the pet or animal that sometimes appears in conversations like he was begging like a dog or I stepped in dog shit makes an appearance in my emails a total of 767 times since 2003.

That’s 2.49 dogs a day:

If I used the search query:dog OR dogs OR puppy OR puppies OR poodle OR hound OR hounds OR poodles it became more clear I had a dog problem:

Here’s a funny idea: tag your photos on flickr with: dogordogs (like this one) and I’ll bet I have more dogs in my damn inbox than any e-commerce dog catcher gmail early adopter ever will. 851. BEAT IT.

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