Thinking about Photos

I’m overwhelmed with a lot of aspects of New York. But when I think of what I want to photograph, it’s hard to think about what I wanna capture. After spending 21 days as a real resident of Brooklyn, NY, I definitely could see more to get that “critical distance” to finally start taking meaningful photos. And by meaningful, I mean important to me as a moment in time, shown in a way that may survive as a compelling image-memory of that moment.

Because I went to school nearby, had internships in the city, and traveled with my family to NY over the years, I’ve had a lot of outsider experience with the city. Having a key to open my own door, however, is a new thing.

There’s some images near where I work and live that I’d like to photograph, but It’s far too cold now so I’m gonna look back at past photo times while I wonder if my friend at Citibank (read this) will get fired.

Here’s some I’d like to share:

spinna flame by you.

Malibu, California

_MG_4885 by you.

Camel in Thousand Oaks

Kenyon, Vassar College by you.

Kenyon Hall, Vassar College

... by you.

Avenue of the Stars, Hollywood

Power Lines by you.

Power Lines, Route 5, California

Ceiling by you.

Ceiling, Poughkeepsie

Fist by you.

Fist, San Francisco

_MG_0949.JPG by you.

Ani Kunga of the Tsechen Ling Buddhist Monstery in Walden, NY.

St. Emlion by you.

St. Emilion, France

DSC03296 by you.

Venison and Tater tots, Hotel Bellevue, Interlaken, Switzerland (14 francs…  11$)

Murren to Langbroten by you.

Murren to Langbroten on the mountain train, Switzerland.

DSC02205 by you.

Subway in Brussels, Belgium

DSC01836 by you.

Subway in Budapest, Hungary

high places - NoVice by you.

High Places (myspace)

cat with hands by you.

I think it’s a cat

dogggy dog by you.

this one’s a dog

One thought on “Thinking about Photos

  1. my friend matt checks out your blog regularly and now exclusively refers to you as “moneydick.” here’s his blog so you guys can be united in weblove. k


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