Woot Spiders Team hacked me

I’m so proud of the hackers who recently tried to take down my site. This has been the 4th attack. Now I’ve been hacked by Russians, Saudi-Arabians, and Brazilians.

For this special attack I’d like to give a shout out to team VBspider ( I think that stands for Visual Basic Spider). They have Spider man on their homepage and they intimidate my digital soul.

Their site is AWESOME, and was designed by Watan, whose Arabic-language blog can be read here. Below you’ll find what they changed my home page to. It’s really cool, and like scary, but in a mature way because there’s a skeleton giving me the finger. The comic sans is also a really really rad font in that confusing sort of feeling you get when you’re entering Disneyland. Here’s a link to their hella rad site.

::[SpiDers TeASpiders Team WaSe HerE]::

SpideRs TeAm Was HeRe

This is
SitE HAcKEd By SpiDers TeAm

Fuck YOu Admin Your Security is = (0)




BLaCk Sp!der








Th3 g0bL!N

x0q@hotmail.fr ))





WwW.VbSpiDers.CoM ]

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