Shoe throwing…

This is all the backstory you need.

Let me direct your attention to a friend of mine in Damascus who chimes in on the recent shoe throwing incident:

There is a lot to say about these shoes, and the gusto of Muntazir Az-Zaydi. It’s a subject that will get play in the press for weeks now – I mean the Arabic press. Az-Zaydi is a celebrity now, a folk hero for online video and satellite news. American media will report ad nauseam in clear and simple English just how offensive shoe throwing is in “Arab or Muslim or Islamic culture.” They will try and delve into the cultural significance of all this, and only look more and more like out-of-touch asses oggling at the others for standing up and throwing something at Bush. The Angry Arab is having a field day — is there a better Eid present? or early Christmas gift? — and if you want to laugh and read all the compliled cultural analysis on the meaning of a shoe in the Middle East and see how it is properly lambasted, click there. [via Hidden Cities]

Yesterday NY public radio’s afternoon host did just that, and brought in a sort of ‘cultural insult scholar’ to talk about the shoes and the meaning of their flight. What I wonder is how Muntazir was able to so quickly remove and launch his shoes at Bush. Did he carefully untie them during the conference? Did he tell anyone else of his plans? Did he even have a plan?

Also see John Friedman’s tongue in cheek post: ‘Questions that I have for the Secret Service

1. Shouldn’t you have jumped in front of that shoe?
2. Shouldn’t you have jumped in front of that second shoe?
3. Second shoe = the one thrown after being removed from foot after first shoe was thrown.
4. Let’s say people had three feet. Would you have allowed a third shoe to fly unimpeded?
5. While the shoe was in the air, were you like, “Oh, its just a shoe.”
6. Same question about the second shoe.
7. Do you think this is funny, “Throw a shoe at me once, shame on–you. Throw a shoe–you throw a shoe, you can’t throw a shoe again.”
8. Is there not “protection training” for lunatics launching objects?
9. Let’s say there isn’t training for that–but do they tell you that if someone does throw (or shoot) something to be on the alert in case they want to repeat this behavior?
10. Where were you?

BONUS QUESTION: Do you think the Iraqis want us there? (Hint: their journalists are throwing their shoes at Bush)

This whole incident reminds me for some reason of the time when Bill Gates was pied. That attacker was more successful.

One thought on “Shoe throwing…

  1. “New TV Announced In Its Newscast That It Is Extending An Offer For Muntazir Az-Zaydi To Become Its Correspondent, And That His Salary Is Effective From The Second The Shoe Was Hurled At Bush–I Am Not Making This Up.”

    I was amazed at Bush’s agility. His workout regimen paid off. Let’s hope Al-Zaidi can get that higher salary once he’s out of jail. Until then..

    “Iraqi Parliamentarians Got Into A Shouting Match On Wednesday Over Muntazar Al-Zaidi, With MPs Of The Sadr Movement Demanding That The Session, Originally Called To Discuss The Withdrawal Of US Troops From Iraqi Cities By June 30, Instead Be Devoted To Al-Zaidi And Allegations That He Was Beaten And Injured In Custody. The Wrangling Got So Bad That Speaker Of The House Mahmoud Mashhadani Threw Up His Hands And Left, Declaring That He Intended To Resign His Post Because Presiding Over Parliament Was An Impossible Task.”


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