Myspace brings out the best in people

Flämt! by Hannes Iversen
Flämt! by Hannes Iversen

There’s been 360 priceless comments on an article I wrote about myspace, and the maelstrom of inarticulate myspacers throwing down words will likely continue. Here’s a recent gem:

ok , 1st of all yes im emo , 2ndly FTW i mean that in a specific way , 3rd i am a manic depresant , im not greatly social , and some of this stuff is really pissin’ me off! , obviously you have to be an idiot to think emos made this site they made it probably so when emos look stuff up it would take them here.i used to be gothic before i heard about emo , now i know , and it fits me perfectly.and i like it , yah i kan get aggresive/violent ik thats not exactly the emo thing to do. nd ik ppl r gonna say y u even trying to say anithing , well its bkause the truth is if theres NO deperession in chuer lyfe ur NOT EMO!Duh!!!!!!!!!!!! yourea poser obviously! does anione kno how many idiots would outnumber , the population. its not lyke we arent already brainwashed!this iz y i might as well b dead bkause i try to take a stand , and it goes nowhere. im hoppless.!. i wuz emo b4 i knew wat it waz , but i nevr knew that , basically i was a depressed goth….im an outcast aniway , nd i dont kare.!I DONT DO IT FOR ATTENTION EITHER!”( in wayz i hate attention)”i dont kare wut ani1 thinks bout this ,or meh, evry1 has an opinion , but that doesnt make it rite. nd i mean im surprised aniway , that this many emos compaired to so called;”norms”;(slang i really dont use much,) actually commented.theirs so much i wunt to say , but this is getting old , nd long , so im gonna cut the crap!kuz i forgot*cries* =’< / MANY ppl dont get that ; “ITS NOT THE EMO , ITS THE PERSON” , but ppl who dont kare bout the person , nd hates them kuz the label well , i guess theyre not that tru either! and thats reality so yew kan either take that for wat its worth , or lie to urself for the rest of ur (FAKE) lyfe.emo is a label , so is goth , but how is it a label!?….SOMEONE BASED/OR DECLAIRED IT AS ONE!….just as emo wouldnt be wut it is now if it wusnt based/or declaired. SO , for now , thank you if you listened/read wut i had to say , with so many things enclosed in my life i had to get this out!BTW, im not a poser , think that , nd theres probably ovr 100 , or more wayz i kan prove you wrong !, proably more than i kan count , mabey even things i dont kno about myself…also , mah dad waz a hippie! but they had bad style. ok , finally ; BYE!

I actually haven’t read, I just thought one of you might want to. Here’s another one I haven’t read, but the poor guy put an afternoon into writing it. Probably longer than it took to write my piece of crap:

  1. Someone 24 April, 06 @ 3:28 am

    There is nothing “scientific” here. These are a bunch of searches and opinions of the site, and the idea that these indicate that Myspace has somehow “failed” is rediculous.

    You say “These highly scientific searches were conducted with Google using…” Searches are done by using a program to analyze a database and return results. Nothing “scientific” occurs during a search. I think you said that just to add pseudointellectual jargon to act as if you did some sort of study, and hide the fact that this is actually just a long flame post that could be summarized as the cliche “emo sucks.”

    To do a scientific study, you must first have a hypothesis, and then find a way to test it. The test should include a control group as well as an experimental group, and the test should show a difference between the groups that supports the hypothesis. You never had a hypothesis. You had an opinion, “Myspace failed.” You did nothing to test this opinion, and in fact nothing here has anything to do with that opinion. For example: You never said what a “failure” of Myspace actually is, and nothing here seems to indicate that myspace actually failed.

    You presented evidence supports the claim that words like “I’m going to kill myself” can be found in many places on Myspace, which may support the claim that many people on myspace want to kill themselves, but it does not come close to proving it. The people who used the phrase could not really want to kill themselves, could be joking, or could be quoting someone else. After all, this flame would get a be listed in a search for “I’m going to kill myself.” If even a small fraction of the 9620 listings were people who were actually going to kill themselves, it would be national news. That many people dying cannot go unnoticed.

    You presented evidence that supports the claim that many misspelled words can be found at Myspace. You claim that this indicates that many people who use myspace are illiterate. This conclusion is so far fetched that I can only assume that in your gigantic flame you wanted to say that people on Myspace are illiterate to go along with your “emo sucks” idea, and that this was the only way you could think of to do it. “Alot” is an acceptable way to spell “a lot,” so that is not even a misspelling. “Luv” and “wut up” are accepted internet speak. “Krazy” is internet speak, meant to add emphasis to “crazy.” “Wierd” and “thier” are the only misspellings you listed, but just because someone does not type in a word correctly does not mean that they don’t know how to spell it, and it definitely doesn’t mean that they are illiterate. In fact, I think it is evidence that they are actually literate. “Weird” and “Their” are prety complicated words, learned much after simpler words such as “Cat” and “Run.” That someone knows to use “Their” instead of “There” is evidence that they have learned advanced English syntax. The idea that an internet site that has millions of users who post millions of messages every day is full of people who are illiterate is absolutely rediculous. Just going to the first “illiterate” blog you list, “Lookin Like A Star…” shows someone who is clearly not only literate but effective at communicating well. He introduces himself as “Im 6′4 black,white,and rican and as you can see ya boi v is sexy so I dont really need to tell you bout my looks. …” in a very clear, well written sentence, which may not be acceptable for an essay(using the internet speak abbreviation “bout” for “about”) but is definitely more than acceptable for an internet introduction.

    The rest of your “scientific evidence” could be dealt with the same way, but I am tired of typing, so I will deal with the rest of your sections in summary:

    Goths: how does finding the word “goth” mean that an article is by someone who is a goth? This flame contains the word “goth.” What’s wrong with someone who calls themself or looks goth? How does that indicate some sort of “failure?”

    Originality: Your search for cliches only returned a couple hundred thousand out of 50 million profiles, which each contain many pages. I bet there are more people than that who use cliches on myspace. As long as cliches are used correctly, or not used too often, they are perfectly acceptable. How does this indicate some sort of “failure?”

    Good and Evil: This section is so senseless I don’t even know what to say about it.

    Parent Hating: This is part of our culture, that many children dislike their parents. Because Myspace is a place where they express themselves, they express how they feel about their parents. Not saying how they feel would be suppression, something that can be unhealthy. I would call this evidence for the SUCCESS of Myspace.

    Ads: How are the ads on Myspace different from the ones on the rest of the internet? The ads you have shown actually look prety small and not very annoying compared to a lot of gigantic flashing ads that cover the screen that I’ve seen. This has nothing to do with “failure” of anything.

    Perverts: This is already well known, and you have provided nothing to further the fight against perverts finding children to rape online. This is also something that is not just true of Myspace, but the rest of the internet. The nature of myspace has just made it a target for perverts.

    Several comments to your flame:
    “uterly brilliant.”
    “Fine work you���ve done here”
    “Excellent article.”
    “Absolutely brilliant”
    “You are my hero.”
    “I agree”
    “Great information!”

    At least one person said:
    “HHHmmm�Ķ I didnt know google searches where ���highly scientific���”
    but then went on to say:
    “Nice work!!!”

    I find this very disturbing, as it seems to indicate that at least the first few people read and cared to comment on your flame thought it really meant something, and it appears that this is how it has spread around the internet.

    I actually don’t like Myspace. I think the page template that they have does not allow someone to create much more than an annoying, blinking, sounding, unlegible page with a scroll bar that goes off in all directions and a background image that does not allow you to read anything.

    Your “article” which is actually an enormus flame, was not done with any intention of doing a study, and has nothing to do with science. If someone actually believes the utterly meaningless things presented in this flame, it is extremely misleading.

    However, I think this flame is very well suited for an article. I think that if you copied it word for word, and especially if you included the pictures(with permission of the author of corse, don’t plagiarize) it would be a very good candidate for a featured article.

Very strange. True life.

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