Dropbox saved me…Help me get more Boxes! [review]

dropbox logoLast year a meth addict boosted my Macbook pro from a car I had parked behind a Whole Foods in San Francisco. If it weren’t for Dropbox, I wouldn’t have been able to delete my important files from the machine and I also would not have known he used it to burn porn dvds.

I’ve been pretty good at backing up important things, and I had been using Dropbox on the machine for a few months. I had passwords, important documents, tax stuff… everything in my Dropbox folder. I was using 2 computers at the time, and Dropbox would instantly sync all my files instantly between them. Every revision of every file is also stored, so you’ll see the history of every single change–you can even undelete files you used years ago. When my computer was stolen, to remove all my files all I had to do was log into the web interface of my Dropbox and delete it all. I knew that when the perp booted up my machine, Dropbox would delete things for me. He wouldn’t see jack, and assuming their technical expertise I knew they couldn’t undelete those deleted files.

About two weeks after I deleted all my top secret files from my Dropbox, I was still using Dropbox but in a new account. I figured I could see if there was any activity on my stolen laptop–if they use the Dropbox or connect to the internet. Sure enough, they were using my poor lappy to burn Porn DVDs. In my Dropbox was the incomplete dvdrip of ‘Dominatrix 4’ish dvd.

Help me out: I’m running out of space on my dropbox. If you sign up to Dropbox by clicking the logo above, I get more free space! (Yes, this means I may gain from YOU reading this positive review). If you do sign up, you too can discover the nefarious activities of the porn crazed meth addict!

2 thoughts on “Dropbox saved me…Help me get more Boxes! [review]

  1. I use Dropbox to sync my 1password keychain and other settings between my two Macs. I have set mine up where I do not use any aliases to make it work. I simply point the app pref or data location to the Dropbox file on the machine.

    I have tried that using the free version of Dropbox, that comes with 2 GB, and really like. Gives you a good feeling, when you know your data is safely backuped and your computers are in sync.



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