Party Emails – a short history

Since the caveman cookout, mankind has found the need to invite fellow humans to events. Engraved stones, carrier pigeons, and now Facebook and email carry our messages. Without human contact, there would be no invitations–and vice versa. For some reason I saved all the party emails I’ve received for the past couple years. Here’s some screenshots from my favorites:

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Blackberry Storm [review]

Let’s pretend we’re on Livejournal:
Mood: Pissed
Current Music: Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23

I made the terrible mistake of trusting my blackberry storm. I installed Google sync—a beautiful concept—that got my gmail contacts onto my phone. When I added a contact on my phone, it would weasel its way into my gmail contacts. I had a nice backup of new phone numbers and email addresses I received.

As I was walking around the Armory show in NYC, my phone went on the fritz. None of the buttons did anything. The battery drained quickly and I figured it was just tired. It gets that way sometime. So I let it be.

Two days later, like a fool waking up from a coma, my phone started working again. It forgot all the settings I adjusted to forcibly make it suck less than it should… and it lost all my contacts I added since I got it. Google sync, in its infinite wisdom, saw this emptiness as a change that must be mirrored! Of course! Synchronize this failure of humanity! The social forays of the past 3 months were for naught.

I lost a lot. But it’s ok now. I’ve vowed to blind the half-baked fools who made the blackberry storm the greatest failure in cellphone history. (That is unless they were already blind) I mean what kind of phone places the mute button on the screen that one presses against one’s face?

Homelessness in NYC [new blog]


I’m your neighbor. I learned about homelessness from walking around in New York and from the amazing, interesting and colorful guests for the 15th St. Friends shelter. This blog is the documentation of my experience learning about my homeless neighbors as I work on a feature film about homelessness in New York City.

My friend Dan Lane has begun a blog dedicated to the topic of Homelessness in NYC. Take a peek!