Blackberry Storm [review]

Let’s pretend we’re on Livejournal:
Mood: Pissed
Current Music: Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23

I made the terrible mistake of trusting my blackberry storm. I installed Google sync—a beautiful concept—that got my gmail contacts onto my phone. When I added a contact on my phone, it would weasel its way into my gmail contacts. I had a nice backup of new phone numbers and email addresses I received.

As I was walking around the Armory show in NYC, my phone went on the fritz. None of the buttons did anything. The battery drained quickly and I figured it was just tired. It gets that way sometime. So I let it be.

Two days later, like a fool waking up from a coma, my phone started working again. It forgot all the settings I adjusted to forcibly make it suck less than it should… and it lost all my contacts I added since I got it. Google sync, in its infinite wisdom, saw this emptiness as a change that must be mirrored! Of course! Synchronize this failure of humanity! The social forays of the past 3 months were for naught.

I lost a lot. But it’s ok now. I’ve vowed to blind the half-baked fools who made the blackberry storm the greatest failure in cellphone history. (That is unless they were already blind) I mean what kind of phone places the mute button on the screen that one presses against one’s face?

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