Trick childhood memories with falsified childhood images

Because image-enhancing technology is readily availabl e, people are frequently exposed to doctored<br /> images. However, i n prior research on how adul ts can be l ed to report fal se chi ldhood memories, sub-<br /> jects have typical ly been exposed to personal ized and detailed narratives describing false events. In-<br /> stead, we exposed 20 subjects to a false childhood event vi a a fake photograph and i magery instructions.<br /> Over three interviews, subjects thought about a photograph showing them on a hot ai r bal loon ride and<br /> tried to recal l the event by using guided-i magery exercises. Fifty percent of the subjects created com-<br /> pl ete or partial false memories. The results bear on ways in which false memori es can be created and<br /> also have practical implicati ons for those i nvol ved in cli ni cal and legal setti ngs.

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