Not Always in Location [NAIL] – ‘Loneliness of the project’ postcards [art]


v-nail2Today I received a fantastic bundle of postcards as a part of my sister’s (Katie’s) work with NAIL (Not Always in Location)–a curatorial collective at CCA where she is currently studying towards her master’s in Curatorial Practice. Explaining the contents of this secret package would violate the package itself, but I will here reference the hi-fi notice the lucky few recipients received:

The envelope and it’s contents are the fifth and most recent project I organized with my curatorial collective, NAIL (Not Always in Location) at California College of the Arts.  We collaborated as a class of 12 to explore themes of the “loneliness of the project,” as discussed by the writer Boris Groys.  We all worked independently, with outside artists, or other students at the school to put together this multiple.

For more information, please visit:

A few of the postcards contained references to Katie’s other project “The Cabin Project” over at Check it out…


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