Bushwick Open Studios 2009 [photos]


Here’s a few photos from the Bushwick open studios last Sunday. I saw perhaps 20 of the 200 open studios/spaces, and snapped pics of just what stood out to me. Sometimes the physical art was less interesting than the studio space.
I got a chance to chat with a lot of amazing artists who were chillin in their studios waiting to talk to random strangers with cameras like me. I asked a lot of questions then snuck up on them with my camera! My path is plotted out roughly below. For the full map + list of artists, download this pdf.
Oliver Warden @ Robot bigfoot. Besides some awesome large scale drip oils, he created a set of screenshots from Counter Strike (as c-prints in very high res) that he said explored the Iraq war, its outcome, and their uncertainties.

Also met Fred Harper whose caricatures I had seen before…
He does awesome caricatures for ‘The Week’ like this:

Here is the general path I took..


For more info about the whole dealie: check out the pdf above, and Artsinbushwick

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