Viral denial of service attacks occuring on Khamenei and Ahmadinejad’s sites + links to follow [ #iranelection ]

Iran - protest image
Iran - protest image via
Update: 2:56p ET... Ahmadinejad's site appears to be down
due to the digi-attack.
Update: 6:56p ET People are reportedly being shot in the street.
It has escalated tremendously. 

Disrupting propaganda on the realtime web…

Here’s a list of resources for learning more about this unprecedented collaborative effort to take down propaganda sites in Iran. It’s a literal battle out there to make sure information is accurate. Very interesting to watch this develop:

This is all very fascinating to watch: a collaborative effort to disrupt disinformation that spreads as fast a tweet can travel (the below link has been clicked around 3,000 times!)

Picture 4

In my opinion, the best thing to do is to discredit, not destroy propaganda sites. Create content that challenges the propaganda if you can; I do not condone DOS attacks, but perhaps if you CANNOT WRITE you should simply help others find trustworthy sources.

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