Flashwalk : Walk 40 miles from Brooklyn to Staten Island Sunday

I really hope it doesn’t rain this Sunday, but even if it does, I plan on joining my friend Matt for the 1st annual Flashwalk from Brooklyn to Staten Island. It’ll be a 40 hour, slow-food style walk during which time I hope to see for the first time–with no sense of haste or pressure–a great deal of the fine city of New York (on the longest day of the year).

Personally, I don’t feel I make much use of my daily travels around the city. Within the ‘look at your feet’ social ambiance to and from work, I see beautiful things: the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, parts of Chinatown, ritzy SOHO, and a few blocks of Park Slope, Brooklyn. But do I really see it? Could I remember 3 things I saw on my way from my office to the Subway? Probably not. When I’m going somewhere on the weekends or evenings, I’m more focused on the destination than the incredible history of the city I’m passing right by. In short, the long summer weekends in this Northern latitude demand we make the most of our time out of the cold:

The essentials are this: As the inaugural of an organization that will sponsor exploration-oriented walks, with no guides and no agenda, at locations in the city selected by chance, I’m getting a group of people together to walk from Brooklyn to Staten Island. This is no small feat, as the only way to get there on foot is a 40-mile, two-state walk via Manhattan, to the George Washington Bridge, through 20 miles of Jersey, to the Bayonne bridge. To up the ante, it will be a five-borough walk. And it’ll be taking place on the longest day of the year, just so we can get the most out of it. It’s totally not-for-profit, free, and aimed at simply getting people to slow down their lives for one day and take a serious look at their cit(ies) — and as a side effect raising awareness of flashwalk as organizer of such strangeness.

Here’s the details:


Questions? See ya there.

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