North Atlantic Conveyor Belt Collapse [weather hurts]


…apparently the North Atlantic Conveyor belt has collapsed. That’s the only thing that makes living in Europe possible. There was a lot of buzz about this in 2003-2004 (I think) when a DoD report was released warning that such an event was possible, even likely, as a result of global warming. Those stories were clear and vitually unanimous that such a collapse would lead to a near-instant ice age for most of Europe. The fact that Ireland (and the rest of Europe) is having its coldest winter in a hundred years makes this a true emergency to evaluate. (read more at Mike Ruppert)

The collapse of the North Atlantic Conveyor belt was thought to have caused a cold period 1,300 years long known as the Younger Dryas during the Pleistocene period. We may be seeing the beginning of a new cold cycle–a rapid decrease in temperature affecting Europe that could begin as soon as May.

One thought on “North Atlantic Conveyor Belt Collapse [weather hurts]

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