Gayngs (Relayted)

I’ll just quote from their myspace page:

After a year of tracking and mixing, GAYNGS is officially ready to release the album, entitled Relayted. The initial goal was achieved perfectly, yet Relayted sounds refreshing and modern. With each song written at 69 BPM’s, and tripped-out transitions from song to song, it is truly an audio experience from start to finish.

I got their album and it’s very warm and comfortable but dramatic–the 69bpm feature is partly to blame. Go get it.

For a textual teaser, below are lyrics for “The Last Prom on Earth”

I’ve been thinking about the way you hold me lately
On a bus, my head, near Missouri
All the things we done, don’t matter much if at all
It’s over now

Would you hustle,
would you break me off some bread
Maybe I’ll just get baked here in bed
Remember all the cradling and touching
It’s always the same

This will be our last prom
All your little love songs

All the time we spent in the Dollar General
(I would love you for always)
Picking out the gifts for your little niece
(I know that she’ll love it)
I wonder if they got the wrong opinion
(a picture lasts longer)
The way they looking at me

This will be our last prom
All your little love songs
This will be our last prom
Full of nothing but silly little love songs
I promise
no matter what we did, in the past,
what you think of, your opinions
I promise, from now, I’ll be true
But if you don’t trust me girl, that’s ok, I understand
It’s been a really long road
We’ve had our ups and downs
So do me this last favor
Me and you
One last prom
Just for me and you
One last prom

I’m ready for you of that bed
I’m showing them Chad’s some static
I’m noticing a ’10’ to the right,
but i’d rather trade up in attics
I burn the needle down red
tryin’ to find my credit some debit
when I wake you’re Socratic
sold the world, took it back, you’re at it Oba
chopped up insisted implied,
i’m on the 10 clicks on a side
seven 38s, heard ’em say your name
up in the bitch debates!!

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