Beethoven and Miles Davis as extreme limits for media capacity

From the FAQ for Bandcamp (a music-selling platform):

What’s the maximum upload size?
It’s 290MB, or more precisely, 305,088,054 bytes (that’s 297,937.6 kibibytes or 290.95 mebibytes to you, Lieutenant Commander La Forge). Never you mind that though. The important thing is that it’s the exact size of “Inamorata and Narration by Conrad Roberts” from side 4 of Miles Davis’ Live-Evil (assuming we’re talking 16/44.1, which we always are). If you have something to say that’s longer/larger than that, you are a jam band and we cannot be a party to the dissemination of your output (j/k jam bands, we love you too — but please take a quick hacky-sack break at 26:29).
Reminds me of the maximum length of a CD (74 minutes), which has to do with Beethoven’s 9th:
An audio compact disc (CD) holds up to 74 minutes, 33 seconds of sound, just enough for a complete mono recording of Ludwig von Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (‘Alle Menschen werden Brüder’) at probably the slowest pace it has ever been played, during the Bayreuther Festspiele in 1951 and conducted by Wilhelm Furtwängler. [via the IEEE Information Theory Newsletter, Dec 2007]
I guess the lesson here is that it’s good to stay away from arbitrary limits when working with disruptive technology!

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