Albion / 16th Street Mural by Harrison Haynes

Mural by Harrison Haynes, photo by Andrew Paynter

Ran into Harrison Haynes on a late night jaunt around the Bard art studios (MFA program) in NY  a while back. The above mural at Albion and 16th street (on the side of the bar ‘Kilowatt’) features the van that always seems to be obscuring the mural itself.

Harrison Haynes is a North Carolina born painter who also drums in Les Savy Fav. As a gesture to the site itself, Harrison chose to portray a minivan which is frequently seen in the area. (via)

The image shown now is:


To see more murals at Albion, visit Juice Design.

You can visit Harrison Haynes site here.

Fakeness and … Ratatat – Drugs [music video]

The new Ratatat Video: “Drugs” is an ugly, fake, and very jarring and interesting exploration of stock photography and commercialism. It brings out the ugliness of prolonged fake eye contact and poor production values, and just happens to be paired with a song. Watch the video below and check out some of the director’s other work even farther down…

The Director, Carl Burgess on the video:

“I have always been fascinated by stock imagery and stock footage collections, Hours and hours of footage which for the most part created with no pre defined use in mind, sitting in storage waiting to be picked up and dropped into a budget documentary.

Searching for ‘Stressed Businessman’ or ‘Old Man Smiling’ on Getty Images throws up 100s of great results. There is a surreal quality to these staged clips, and more often than not a really strange dark humor about them.
Unconvincing acting, forced emotions, cheap lighting are just some of the things that make these clips unique, and these are the qualities I wanted to embrace.”

Also see “Three people trapped in infinite politeness” and “Talk Show.”

Produced by blink art. Directed by Carl Burgess.