You Are Not Qualified To Run Your Own Brain

If wisdom is found in the ancients, people must be getting stupider.  When you consult the wisdom of the ancient philosophers, you’re implying that people with less knowledge than you know more than you do.  Are the ancient Greeks smarter than the modern geeks?

The fact that such an aphorism has resonated for millions of people over thousands of years demonstrates something about the human condition.  You can’t unravel such a self-contradictory statement by logical steps. Conclusions require thinking from the gut, a sense of joy in surprising absurdity.

Laughter is a spontaneous reaction about as controllable as a sneeze.  Non-philosophical species do not laugh.  Apparently brains bloated with bullshit generators require this instinct.  That would explain why so many professional philosophers write with such humorlessness.  No laugh kicks them out of their earnest belief that the best tool for understanding the mind is the mind.  Using your mind to know your mind is like trying to taste your tongue.  Studying thought by thinking is like trying to fuck yourself.

Which is where we’re philosophically at, my fellow confabulists.  Once you wrap your tiny mind around how utterly clueless you are, about everything… how careeningly out-of-control your decisions and beliefs are, you can’t help but be plagued by the blessing of doubt, key to compassion toward those whose worldviews are so odious to your own.

via You Are Not Qualified To Run Your Own Brain | h+ Magazine.

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