An Analysis of Anonymity and Ephemerality in a Large Online Community (4chan /b)

This just in:

“Analyzing ephemerality via two weeks of of site activity, we found that the median thread spends just ?ve seconds on /b/’s ?rst page before being pushed off by newer posts, and that the median thread expires completely within ?ve minutes. Even in a world informed by Twitter and newsfeeds, where content is out of users’ attentional sphere quickly, we argue that such rapid content deletion drives many of /b/’s community dynamics. On /b/, ephemerality and deletion create a powerful selection mechanic by requiring content the community wants to see be repeatedly reposted, and potentially remixed. We believe this is critical to the site’s in?uence on internet culture and memes.”

Read the full paper here (PDF). (also).

If you haven’t seen /b/, then I’ll let you find it.

Shoplifting from America Apparel (film) — Needs your support

Over the past few years, literary works by Tao Lin have gained increasing popularity, drawing thousands of fans to the unique worlds created in Richard YatesEeeee Eee Eeee, and Shoplifting from American Apparel.  When Lin’s novella was released on Melville House, director Pirooz Kalayeh entered negotiations with the author and publisher to bring the project to the silver screen. Initially planning on a lavish budget with producer Mark Parsia (Co-producer, THE HUMAN WAR), the economic downturn catalyzed a new approach to the film that would utilize both documentary and narrative techniques to highlight writers within the virtual world (Noah Cicero, Brad Warner, Bebe Zeva, Jordan Castro, and Tao Lin) and incorporate new media and animation techniques to reflect the novella’s nuances alongside the current economic challenges of creating independent cinema.

Check out their IndieGoGo page and throw em some bones!

My friend James Roehl is acting in/producing this amazing-looking movie soon-to-be made movie. Previously on this site, James has allowed me to broadcast his incredible radio plays Space Nites & Randalph, Geoey, & Tommy. Anything he touches is golden, so help him out.

Trailer below:

The Vatican asks for help protecting the Earth from human activity in the ‘Anthropocene’

This just in from the Vatican:

Humanity has created the Anthropocene era and must live with it. This requires a new awareness of the risks human actions are having on the Earth and its systems, including the mountain glaciers discussed here. It imposes a new duty to reduce these risks. Failure to mitigate climate change will violate our duty to the vulnerable of the Earth, including those dependent on the water supply of mountain glaciers, and those facing rising sea level and stronger storm surges. Our duty includes the duty to help vulnerable communities adapt to changes that cannot be mitigated. All nations must ensure that their actions are strong enough and prompt enough to address the increasing impacts and growing risk of climate change and to avoid catastrophic irreversible consequences.
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All Slashdot Fortune Cookies

Due to a fortunate error over at Slashdot, all the fortune cookies ever written for the site appeared in the footer like an overload of wisdom. I’ve saved them for the sake of history below:

  • Try the Moo Shu Pork. It is especially good today.
  • Try to get all of your posthumous medals in advance.
  • Try to have as good a life as you can under the circumstances.
  • Try to relax and enjoy the crisis. — Ashleigh Brilliant
  • Try to value useful qualities in one who loves you.
  • Tuesday After Lunch is the cosmic time of the week.
  • Tuesday is the Wednesday of the rest of your life.
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